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iOS Engineer
Air Apps
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About Us

We are a 100% remote team with 50+ employees in 10+ countries. Experience Hello AI, our revolutionary chatbot for language learning and productivity, along with our portfolio of 37 apps. With over 100M+ downloads and a 4.7-star rating, unlock your potential with AI-driven tools. Say hello to convenience and efficiency with Hello AI, your ultimate personal assistant!

Our Values

Customer-Centricity 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦: We are passionately devoted to our customers, prioritizing their needs and satisfaction in every decision we make. We strive for excellence by listening to their feedback and constantly improving our offerings.

Uncompromising Quality 🍎: We challenge industry norms and set new standards, always staying ahead of the curve. We are relentless in our pursuit of extraordinary products and processes, pushing ourselves to exceed expectations.

Shared Ownership 🤝: We embrace a culture of collective responsibility, where each team member contributes to our long-term goals. We empower one another to take initiative, rejecting the notion of “not my job” and fostering a sense of pride in our work.

Agility and Speed 🚀: We deliver results quickly and efficiently, outpacing our competitors with our adaptability and resourcefulness. Our dynamic approach keeps us ahead of the game and enables us to respond effectively to changing circumstances.

Radical Transparency 🥽: We foster an environment of open communication, honesty, and trust. We share the truth about our decisions, processes, and products, ensuring that everyone is informed and engaged. We believe in the power of transparency to prevent “big surprises” and create a more collaborative and innovative workplace.

About the role

We are looking for an iOS Software Engineer who will join our team of talented engineers to design and help us to build the next generation of iOS software. You will have the opportunity to create software that directly impacts how customers use our products. We work closely with Apple’s human interface design team and our internal framework teams to define and develop the next generation of apps. The ideal engineer for this role is comfortable working in a dynamic and creative team charged with exploring an uncharted and rapidly evolving domain. You will be researching and developing entirely new apps and experiences, a challenge that will demand rapid experimentation and prototyping without sacrificing code quality or attention to detail.


Expected daily activities

(70% Technical, 20% Administrative, 10% Research)

What We Look For:

Dedicated Dynamo: With relentless energy, a strong work ethic, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, you persevere through challenges and consistently strive for exceptional results.

Collaborative Maverick: Your dedication extends to collaborative work, where you seamlessly integrate into cross-functional teams, bringing your unwavering energy and work ethic to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Proactive Communicator: You take the initiative to share updates, address issues, and foster transparency, showcasing your commitment to effective communication and driving success.

Agile Multitasker: With your dedicated mindset, you effortlessly handle multiple projects, adapting swiftly to changing priorities, and consistently delivering exceptional results.

Growth-oriented Problem-Solver: Your dedication translates into seeking continuous improvement, actively embracing feedback, and employing analytical thinking to solve complex problems and achieve optimal outcomes.

What’s In It For You

We offer a fully remote, results-driven work style that enhances productivity and quality, providing excellent work-life balance. We also have great opportunities to connect with our international team through coffee calls, team meetings, and hackathons.

The Next Steps

Our application process involves several stages: an application review with a response time of 2-3 days, a conversation with our Talent Acquisition Specialist, a technical assignment to assess your skills, a comprehensive interview with the Hiring Manager and a team member, a soft skill interview with our Learning and Development Manager, and, upon successful evaluation, an offer sent within 7 days after the final interview. Candidates who have received a job offer may be required to submit the required legal documents dependent on their location. While we regretfully cannot provide individual feedback due to the high volume of applications received, we assure you that your application will receive our full attention and consideration.


You are passionate about building world-class software. You aspire to join an energetic team in a fast-growing startup to build and grow products at scale. Your desired skills and experience include:


The job requires operating in small teams, in a highly dynamic and remote environment. Working remote means that you need to, at least, manage one person - yourself. You must be able to, including but not limited to:


This position is fully REMOTE, no re-allocation or visa sponsorship is provided. You will be able to work from anywhere; however, you will be hired in your legal country of residency.

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